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Bill Rys - Headlands Accredited Dairy Consultant - B.Ag, Masters in Tropical Agriculture, ASNM

Raised on a dairy farm in the central part of the North Island of New Zealand, Bill has spent all his life involved in the dairy industry. With a Bachelor of Agriculture and a Masters in Tropical Agriculture, Bill has both an academic and practical understanding of agriculture and pasture-based livestock farming systems across a range of climates. Bill has significant expertise in pasture systems, pasture species and rotational grazing management which assists his clients to maximise the amount of pasture produced and harvested by the cow, which in turn optimises milk production and profitability.

His global experience in confinement, semi confinement, and hybrid dairy systems in Jamaica, Northern Territory (Australia) and Brazil, combined with hands-on livestock farming and animal nutrition experience and financial analysis competencies, make him sought after both within New Zealand and as a global consultant for his knowledge and experience in Pasture-Supported dairy systems.
027 417 8503


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