Through years of hands-on experience, ongoing training and internal networking, the Headlands team have a comprehensive understanding of pasture-based dairy and livestock farming systems that optimises business performance across seasons. Headlands consultants are very knowledgeable in using the latest farm systems modelling and monitoring technology to optimise farm profitability, with a focus on resilience and sustainable farming practices.

By utilising proven tools like RED SKY financial analysis software, and farm systems models OVERSEER, UDDER and DAIRYLINC, and combining this with our consultants farm systems understanding, Headlands consultants have the competency to identify your farms current strengths and define the opportunities within your business to improve profitability, resilience and environmental management practices. The robust modelling coupled with practical advice from the Headlands consultant provides the steps required to bring about improvements within your farming system and to project the outcome those decisions will have on your business, including the physical changes, financial outcomes, resilience to market volatility and weather conditions, and environmental consequences of those decisions.


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