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Accurately monitor your herd's health and fertility

Gain actionable insights on rumination, eating, heat detection, health monitoring and more with Afimilk's latest cow monitoring neck collar. With it's long-life battery the new Afimilk neck collar integrates with AfiFarm herd management software to enable informed, profitable decisions about your herd.

How does AfiCollar work?

AfiCollar uses a proprietary 3D accelerometer to effectively monitor the motion patterns of a cow’s head. It accurately distinguishes between:



Heat Detection

(Increased head movement from mounting other cows)

1. AfiCollar sends the data wirelessly to our reader

2. The reader transfers all data to our herd management software, AfiFarm

3. The farmer receives real time information on which cows need attention.

Actionable Insights

1. Heat Detection

AfiCollar detects the increase in, and irregular movement of a cow’s head when in heat.

  • Accurate, giving you the time that heat signs started.

  • Saves time and money invested on visual heat detection.

  • Makes pre-mating heat checks easy.

  • Identify silent heats/irregular cycles/anoestrous cows.

  • Decrease physical and disease risks on farm by eliminating bulls.

2. Monitor individual cow health:

A decrease in rumination and/or eating allows you to identify sick cows before they show signs of illness:

  • Mastitis

  • Sub-clinical rumen acidosis

  • Ketosis

  • Post calving disease/distress – milk fever, retained placenta, metritis, pyometra.

  • Displaced abomasum

3. Monitor group nutrition:

Measuring eating and rumination on a herd/group level alerts the farmer early to any digestive issues that may cause a drop in milk production:

  • Keep an eye on herd rumination when transitioning onto fodder crops.

  • Eating time can give an indication of pasture quality and quantity.

  • Monitor eating and rumination when introducing a new feed/ration.

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