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Chris Pyke - Headlands Accredited Dairy Consultant - BVSc., ASNM

Chris grew up with animals in his blood, with his father being both a Vet and a farmer. After becoming a vet himself he worked in clinical practice in Cambridge, mostly with dairy cows but also developed a special interest in calf-rearing and live animal export. He soon started looking at how things could be done to prevent animal health problems on farm and became interested in "the whole farm approach" This led to him joining Headlands in 1995, and Chris has operated as a farm consultant ever since, servicing clients in the Cambridge District, and throughout the Waikato. He has also been involved in, and been on the boards of a number of equity farm partnerships. 
Chris is a Director of King Country Partnership (a dairy goat farm). He is passionate about dairy farming, both cows, and recently goats, and helping his clients become more profitable and sustainable and capturing the potential in their businesses.
027 472 2884


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