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Trish McIntosh - Headlands Accredited Dairy Consultant - BVSc. (Massey), MAVCSc.

Trish has been based in Culverden, working out of North Canterbury Clinics for 28 years as a mixed practice Veterinarian with a predominantly dairy workload. She is a current part-owner/director of the Veterinary practice and is also farming alongside her husband in a 1,400 cow dairy business with support farms in the North Canterbury region. She also has been involved in many Industry-good commitments (Farming and Veterinary) through the years ,with most current being on the M.Bovis SSAG committee, DairyNZ Fodder Beet Sustainability project group, and South Island Rabobank Client Council.

Having a strong farming background, Trish has always had a keen interest in nutrition and profitable farming systems and, utilising best practice guidelines, reaching for optimum and sustainable business performance from farms and cows.
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